McEachin on 10th Anniversary of Virginia Tech Shooting

April 16, 2017
Press Release

RICHMOND – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) made the following statement recognizing the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting:

“Ten years removed, the horror and the scars of the Virginia Tech tragedy have never left our hearts. Once again, we come together to remember and to mourn.

“Like you, I am still sick at heart. Ten years ago, dozens of lives – mostly young lives – were cruelly and senselessly taken from us too soon while many others were injured. Today, we remember all those who were lost, and we mark the suffering and grief that survivors and families have had to endure. They will always have a gaping hole in their hearts, and I pray they can find eternal peace.

“That said, we owe these men and women far more than thoughts or prayers. We owe them the kind of concrete action that could make future tragedies far less likely.

“We must do more to help those who struggle with mental illness and we must do more to ensure that violent individuals do not have access to firearms. Both needs are urgent and important; neither supersedes the other and neither can be ignored.

“Today is not the day for political posturing or prolonged discussion of specific policy proposals. But tomorrow, and every day that follows, is a day for action. I promise to recommit myself to addressing gun violence and the scourge of mental illness. We can ensure that others will not have to mourn as we mourned.”


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