McEachin Addresses Continued Issues with Local Post Office Closure

April 11, 2017
Press Release

RICHMOND – Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) wrote a follow-up letter to address the continued issues following the abrupt closure of the Church Hill post office. Customers are unable to reach a help line number distributed by the United States Postal Services (USPS) as it is constantly busy.

“In order to address customer’s needs, it was my understanding that a help line was being provided to answer questions concerning the closure. Over the course of the past few days, my office has fielded a variety of complaints that the customer help line has been repeatedly busy. I am concerned that my constituents are not receiving the adequate assistance expected from the USPS concerning this unexpected and immediate closing,” said Congressman Donald McEachin. “My constituents in the East End should be able to contact a representative of the USPS to help resolve their postal needs.”

Congressman McEachin echoes previous calls to address the Church Hill community’s needs made in a letter to Postmaster General Brennan about the initial closure. Constituents in East Richmond heavily rely on this service location to send personal correspondence, retrieve medical supplies and conduct business. Mr. McEachin and his staff are continuously working to address any need and concern from constituents impacted by the postal service disruption.

Full follow-up letter text here.


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