McEachin Announces Office Metrics For First 100 Days of 117th Congress

April 21, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON  Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) today released information about his offices’ work during the first hundred days of the 117th Congress. Combining metrics for his three offices – Washington, Richmond and Suffolk - the Congressman was proud to announce that almost a quarter of a million dollars ($239,838.00) was recovered for his constituents in the first 100 days of this year. In the same interval, 183 new constituent service cases were opened and 333 were closed, bringing those to a conclusion for satisfied constituents.

During this short three month plus span, the Congressman also took almost 500 meetings, attended/ organized 29 events and introduced or led on 18 bills and letters.

Moreover, during the first 100 days, the Congressman responded to over 3000 letters while issuing an additional 121 letters of congratulations or condolence.

“Serving my constituents is among the most important and, frankly, rewarding, part of my job,” McEachin said. “People come to my office frustrated and unhappy after too many unproductive interactions with federal agencies. I am pleased to have a hard-working, diligent staff who knows how important it is to me that they put in the time and effort to reach satisfactory conclusions for these situations.

“Meeting with constituents and advocates, as well as attending events, helps me to hear from actual people about their needs and priorities. This leads to bills I introduce and letters I join to express my constituents’ needs and concerns.

“I’m also always pleased to hear the opinions of those I represent as they guide my thinking and my votes. I will make sure we continually respond to letters and inquiries because serving my constituents is critical to the success of our nation. Government works best when people are involved and informed.”