McEachin on Department of Energy’s Choice to Encourage Alternative Facts

March 31, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement to condemn the Department of Energy’s instructions to refrain from using phrases related to climate change in official communications:

“Refusal to use the words does not make the actual facts any less true. The choice to cease official usage of the phrases ‘climate change,’ ‘emissions reduction’ or ‘Paris Agreement’ in memos, briefings and other forms of communications from the Department of Energy perpetuates this Administration’s commitment to alternative facts.  Absence of accurate terms does not eliminate the realities of climate change. Climate change drives sea-level rise, ocean acidification, and harms waterways like our Chesapeake Bay. I urge Secretary Perry to implore his team, the energy officials who represent our nation to the global conservation partners, to use the phrases and words that best educate and communicate the facts about our current climate crisis. By removing truthful terms of their lexicon, Americans are deprived of needed information. This is a matter of public health, not ideology.”

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