McEachin Opposed SHARE Act during Federal Lands Subcommittee Hearing

September 12, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) spoke out against the SHARE Act, H.R. 3668, in the Federal Lands subcommittee hearing.

“Leading up to today’s hearing, my constituents contacted me to express their strong concerns with heinous provisions in this bill. I am opposed to any legislation that would make it more difficult for law enforcement officers and others to hear the sound of gunfire. That sound alerts citizens to danger, and it tells first responders exactly where they are needed,” said Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04). “Too many of my constituents have lost friends and loved ones to senseless gun violence, at Virginia Tech and elsewhere. Virginians do not want laws that make active shooter situations even more dangerous. This bill could lead to needless deaths.”

The SHARE (Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement) Act is disguised as a piece of legislation aimed to help hunters in their sport — but thanks to the incorporation of the Hearing Protection Act, this bill could deregulate the purchase of gun silencers (or noise suppressors) and endanger innocent lives. McClatchy recently reported that the NRA made the Hearing Protection Act “one of its top legislative targets” for the 115th Congress.

Among other dangerous and controversial provisions, the SHARE Act also makes it harder for federal agencies to regulate the sale of armor-piercing rounds even though deer do not wear body armor and sportsmen do not use armor-piercing rounds to hunt.


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