McEachin Statement on the Israel-Palestine Situation

May 14, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON– Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) today issued the following statement regarding the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict.

“As I watch the horrific scenes in Israel and Gaza with rockets raining down and missiles flying, my heart breaks at the tragic loss of life.

“This outbreak of violence is yet another reminder that we must work to ensure a peaceful outcome. The right of Israel to defend its citizens cannot be questioned. The goal of a lasting resolution must be one that recognizes the humanity of all and that humanity demands all live unafraid, able to lead their lives and raise their families.

“The United States and Israel share a unique and inseparable bond, and I support the Biden Administration’s decision to send an envoy to the region to swiftly pursue a peaceful solution. Given the complex nature of events on the ground I urge the Administration to name a permanent Ambassador to Israel who can remain in constant contact with Israeli and Palestinian leaders both during and after this crisis.

“Violence and war is not a solution. It simply leads to tragedy and death. All parties involved must exercise restraint, and we must step up, working with other countries, to help create meaningful, lasting and just peace.”


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For more information, please contact:

Tara Rountree, Chief of Staff

U.S. Representative A. Donald McEachin (VA-04)